What we do & Services

Our services and programmes are designed to clearly solve human problems especially as they directly relate to our humanitarian operational scope. Meanwhile, as armed conflicts, mass displacement, and disasters take an ever heavier toll, humanitarian intervention remains a cornerstone of global governance.

Reaching the Unreached Educational Initiative (RUEI)
There are very high incidences of child poverty and deprivation in Nigeria whether one uses consumption approach or deprivation approach. This is our way of ensuring that these indigent children are given equal opportunity to quality education from primary to university levels.
Poverty and Deprivation Alleviation Programme (PADAP)
We are focused on alleviating rural poverty and deprivation among indigent children. This means we are building capacity and credibility to be able to sufficiently cater for these needs. Areas of deprivation classified under physical deprivation range from water, food, shelter, clothing, etc. We reach out to solve these basic needs as a means of helping these children to be mentally stable to embrace greater opportunities. According to UNICEF, an estimated 2 million children in Nigeria suffer from severe acute malnutrition. This calls for more humanitarian service involvement. We are passionately concerned.
Skills Acquisition Enhancement Programme (SAEP)
Besides the rising unemployment rate in the country, now the second highest on a global list of countries as monitored by Bloomberg, skill acquisition is paramount to building a healthy family or personal income. CNAF’s professional workforce brings a combination of training resources that impact new levels of skills to members of rural families who qualify for the training. This training programme is accompanied with startup packages to enable them take off smoothly and create sustainable source of income for themselves and equally enjoy our continuous business support in terms of advice, mentoring, etc.
Entrepreneurship Development & Promotion Summit (EDPS)
The concept of entrepreneurship spans across all social classes. In fact, it is a global concept with dominating impact. Most times, what people need to discover their star, particularly the young people, is the right information. Developing the entrepreneurial mindset goes beyond merely developing a physical craft or selling something. As we can now see, various concepts have been brought forth from the traditional entrepreneurship as outlined below: Innovative Hustler Imitator Researcher Buyer Small business Large company Social The summit seeks to enlighten young people and to prepare their minds to embrace the huge responsibility of entrepreneurship as an effective tool of personal and national development.
Aid for the Aged Programme (AFTAP)
So many aged people are dealing with serious levels of deprivation besides the natural ageing effect taking a toll on their productivity potentials thereby rendering them economically incapacitated. This state deprives them the ability to create personal income for their daily existence in a noble manner that shows dignity of human existence. Worst case is when there is no family available to support them leaving them in a state of complete vulnerability. Our AFTAP is sufficiently enabled to cover these vulnerable people’s feeding support and healthcare packages.