Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To become a leading advocacy voice in bringing hope and succor to the indigent families and the aged within the African continent through her second to none, highly sensitive humanitarian services and programmes.

Mission Statement

To develop a channel of hope that engages people without a means of personal sustainability to embrace opportunities that enhance their survival in a more decent manner while seeking to mentally empower them to choose personal path to personal and career development and become societally fit and productive in the end.

Our Goals & Objectives

1. To save lives in a timely manner and with the best support.
2. To alleviate suffering and maintain human dignity during and in the aftermath of man–made crises and natural resources.
3. To prevent and strengthen preparedness for the occurrence of such situations.
4. To build a rehabilitation center where corrective measure can be taken to enhance a productive living.
5. To create an avenue through which recipients of our support can engage in a more civilized manner with the society.
6. To promote humanitarian causes through our extensive web functionality.
7. To provide consistent educational and motivational support for indigent children to discover their potentials.
8. To exist as a voice of defense to those who are victims of all forms of molestations and harassment.

Our Value System