About Us

Chimdi Nnamdi Ahiamadu Foundation,
(CNAF) is officially registered with
Corporate Affairs Commission of
Nigeria and has set out to provide
heartwarming solutions to
humanitarian problems with main
focus on destitute children and the
aged. These are two clearly
distinguishable groups that require
special attention. For the former, the
continuous existence and growth of
this group bears and imposes a serious
future security threat to the society in
so many ways as evident in our society

A top consideration for the later group seeks to address a society life devoid of nuisance, a community full of caring and supporting individuals. Our team of professional work force is thoroughly furnished with the knowhow at tackling these problems with the best approach in a sustainable manner. To achieve more, we are consciously forging collaborations that enhance greater result while we systematically ensure availability of innovative programs and projects that elicit these support and continuous financing from donors.